Dandelion Fields - Android live wallpaper

Flower Fields: Dandelions - Android live wallpaper

This is a beautiful live wallpaper, wich has two flavors: paid version and free, ad supported.
Displays a beautiful field of dandelions in bloom.
Seeds appears flying when you touch the screen.
You have an option to enable sound detection!.
Enable it and adjust the sensitivity; then you just blow into the microphone to see the dandelion seeds flying from the foreground dandelion flowers!
This live wallpaper is full of configuration options, like seed quantity, size, density(the speed at wich seeds are created); you can select from various sky designs.

If you like it, please leave us a comment. If you have an idea to make this wallpaper even more beautiful, please send us an email.

Some captures:

See this short demonstration video:

Try it!

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