Autumn Leaves - Android live wallpaper

Did you see those days when the leaves starts to fall from the trees? Isn´t beautiful?
This live wallpaper depicts one of those days, with the falling yellow leaves coming down from the branches, lightning bugs flying through the bushes, and a quiet and peaceful sunset sky with clouds

Some captures:

When you touch the upper branches, the yellow leaves will coming down.
Toch the bushes to see a miriad of fireflies flying around

See this short video of the live wallpaper working:

The illustration is by Lucy Makuc.

There is two version on the Google Play, a paid version and a free version, supported by ads.

To download any of them, please scan the codes below, or follor the links:

Download Paid version
Download Free version

NOTICE ABOUT FREE VERSION: This free app uses ads in the notification bar (one ad every two days). If you do not want to receive these announcements, you can opt-out the ads.
Also an icon will be installed on your desktop as a shortcut to another apps (this icon could be deleted easily).
The only income that allows us to maintain and improve the free app comes from these ads. We would appreciate if you let them in your application, think one ad every several days is a very reasonable "cost".

This app uses Nicolas Gramlich´s Andengine as OpenGL framework.

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